October 26, 2008


Thaddeus inherited an old cell phone. Not that it's old, it's actually less than a year old but then the carrier was bought out, blah blah blah, new phone for mommy.

So, in true Thaddeus fashion, he figured out how to use every feature available.

And he almost exclusively uses the camera.

In fact, he's declared himself:

Thaddeus takes pictures of everything that a 4 year old would notice.

Bugs, and grass, and eyes, and scratches, and clocks, and bums, and things that come out of bums (eww!), and clouds, and elbows, and just about everything else.

But every now and then, he tries to "pose" us.

And then, well, it's just fun to mess with him.


"Say cheese Mom."

"Cheese Mom."

"NO! Say CHEESE Mom."

"Cheese Mom."

"NO! Say C-H-E-E-S-E Mom."

"Cheese Mom"

"NO! Stop saying MOM! Just say Cheese Mom!"

"Cheese Mom."

"Ugh! Stop! Doing! That! Just. Say. C h e e s e. Mom."

"Cheese Mom."

"No! Stop that! Don't say "mom" just say cheeeeeeeese.... JUST! cheese!"