September 9, 2008

Update on the basement

Nothing to report. The handyman couldn't get to it because the window is under the deck. So, then when he really looked at it (from inside the house) and I showed him what happened, he said "Yeah, we'd have to tear up the deck and replace the whole window and drain system and they're just not gonna do that." So let's hope it doesn't rain, shall we?

At least he removed the yucky moldy caulking in the bathroom and put in new sparkly white caulking. Now I won't feel like I have to wear shoes in the shower.

And I don't know if my house is that gross, or if it's more that I'm that OCD. But that's something we shan't discuss now. (But I'm leaning toward my house is that gross. Wanna come over for dinner?)

I kid, I kid. I know it's not *that* bad. You see though, I'm used to a certain level of maintenance and repair. My home in Arizona was old, but we loved it, and fixed it up, and then it was all pretty and sparkly. I don't think anyone's loved this house in a good ten years, and I can feel it in the walls. Houses need to be loved people. That's how they turn into homes.

Oh well. I can deal. Unless of course it rains again, at which point I'm tempted to move all my stuff upstairs real quick like and then head out to a museum for the day and then come home and be all, oops!

Okay, I won't do it. I have more self control than that. But what's the harm in a little fantasy?