September 27, 2008

It's Coming...

I'm a Halloween person. I know most people like Christmas and Easter, but for me? It's all about Halloween. I mean, there's no expectations, there's no restrictions, you can do anything or nothing, (not that I do nothing. It's my favorite holiday, duh.) And no one cares either way.

That being said,

Halloween is coming.

in 34 days. (or 35. It all depends on how you count your days. which takes me to an entirely new thought process, because in your counting of days, do you include today? the day on which you begin the count, and do you include the day of the event? Or only the night up to it? So many. ways. to count down.)

And so as the day to the best holiday ever dawns, I begin my preparations.

(What? Have you not learned ANYTHING about me from your readings? I'm totally offended)

{Fairy Princess}

This is not the final product, mind you. I still will be adding luscious curls to that towheaded child, silk roses will be added at the neck, and hello? Hair bows, wand, and bracelet! She will be the most Fairiest Princess in all the land.

P.S. should you ever meet her, DO NOT, under any circumstance, call her "Goldilocks" she will promptly hate you and burst into tears. This is entirely new information.


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