August 27, 2008

Elvis is Scary

I have so much to say and it's just not all going to fit into one measly little blog post. sigh. Guess you're just gonna have to enjoy how I stretch it out.

For starters, I kept a video diary. For realios. And I'd love to edit it into a little movie and throw it up here and all, but I can't find my speakers. Because, you know, I haven't unpacked everything just yet. And I'm kinda stuck because I refuse to unpack the other stuff until I have at least 2 more bookcases and well, we haven't had a paycheck quite yet, stupid in-between job type stuff, so that's going to have to wait.

In other news, I'm freezing. Like, freezing freezing. My fingers are having a hard time typing because they're cold and if it wasn't still August, I'd be really tempted to turn on the heater. Not that I've already done that.....ahem..... twice....

I'm. Cold.

And my kids are cold. Every night, they put on their "warm pajammers" AND gloves. AND hats. AND socks. AND shoes. AND they tell me they're "shibbering" Because our blood just isn't thick enough for this lovely state.

Speaking of which, Virginia is lovely. And lush. And green. And cold. And gorgeous.

The only drawback thus far is the bugs. Mainly those cricket looking things that got busy with the spiders and then had these psychotic babies that just look freaky. You know the ones I mean? they look a little bit like this.

Okay, they look a LOT like this. But bigger. And they crunch when I squoosh 'em. {shivers}

And then there's the flying ones. {shudders} I haven't had this many bug bites in my life. So I'm wondering if those of you who live in humid places like this (cough, cough, JEN) have any advice for me? I mean, should my morning ritual now include the heavy application of bug repellent? Or is there a lotion that has bug repellent in it? Or is there maybe something else I could use that would make the nasty buggers not think we all tasted so danged sweet? Huh? Huh?

Because honestly, my kids are starting to look like they have smallpox or something.

On the plus side, Tad's started wearing clothes for the first time ever. This is big news people. Back in Arizona, he'd run around in his undies all day, every day. At least here he's cold enough to require a shirt and pants. And I finally figured out why he wasn't wearing shoes. Because his shoes were a size 9 and his feet were a size 12. (no, I haven't been the least bit overwhelmed the last month or so.... poor kid)

And just because my family is reading this because they can't see me all the time because we live across the country..... I give you,


hanging out at a gas station

the Mississippi, in stone. (so SO awesome)



and more naptime

the coolest passenger EVAH.

babies with their babies

chillin' out max

and relaxin' all cool
(you know you're singing Fresh Prince right now...)

Sweetness in Memphis

The King of scaring small children

I met the President.

And that's all for now.

The End.