July 16, 2008

The wedding that finally happened and now I can go to ged before 2:00 am again. Even in my titles, I make everything about me.

The wedding is done. Finished. Over. I can breathe again. phew.

And for as many pictures as I took, I was surprised to find that I had pictures of my girls, not the boys. I mean, I have pictures of the boys. But they're like little blue blurs running laps around the tables.

This is the only picture of Tad where you don't see the back of his head

And here's the other boys, not looking at me.
even though I kept shouting "Hey, Hey! I have Candy! Look at Me!"
alright. maybe I wasn't actually shouting, but I tried people. I really did.

and Blayne! Well, she was the quite the party animal. Danced all night. And every picture of her features a mouth full of candy.

mmmm..... candies.....

This is the candy "bar" aka the gathering place for the munchkins
aka why my children were smiling all. night. long.

Blayne learned to wink

I also discovered that I didn't ever make my own actual family stand together for a picture. So I guess we'll just have to get dressed up and take family pictures again because I obviously failed: Mission:get a picture of the family.

(No seriously. I had grand plans of just happening to get a family portrait done. Kill two birds with one stone and all that. Why couldn't I have just been more on top of it, WHY?)

this picture is just showing off hair. that's all. Blayne rocked the braid.

and this one is just cute...
foofy hair and a rockin' armband.

this is the cake. Because everyone always asks about the cake.

Also? It was delicious. I only ate one piece. Plus my kids.

the nieces/nephews

Blondie and Verity dancing the night away.

see the blue streak in her hair? That was done especially for the bride. We like to color coordinate like that. You're welcome.

I also realize at this point that I haven't put in a picture of the couple. I didn't get a good picture so it's an executive decision. Sheesh. Cry me a river.
a note to the happy couple:

Since you are now married and all, I feel that you should have a blog. The first post could be about your wedding. Or not. I'm just saying, you got married and now you're moving to Florida. I think I'm not the only one that would appreciate the gesture.

your big sister