July 25, 2008

Packing Up and Moving Out

Alright, today is my last day with internet. I'll try and hold myself together here, but it's not looking too good. I mean, HOW WILL I SURVIVE? Srsly. LOL. j/k


My agenda for the day is to pack up our clothes in the suitcases, put our everyday stuff in a laundry basket, and live like that for the next couple weeks. All of our boxes and furniture are being stored in the extra garage space at DadGuy's parents. Then we get to measure it and make sure it will fit in the trailer and then on August 9, we get to start our fantastic voyage across the country. (And if it doesn't fit, I might be doing a give-away. Who wants a pink couch?)

Not that I'm worried about it at all. No way, driving? with kids? for a week? That's the least of my concerns. GAH.

Now for the part I really came for.

(or until I get my internet back, whichever happens first)

  1. Don't be especially entertaining.
  2. Try not to post too much, because after I get settled, the last thing I need to do is catch up on a 1000+ posts.
  3. Actually, I challenge you to step away from the computer and live life. It's summer. Go outside. Now. Do it. (for meezie pleezie?)
  4. Please refrain from any and all e-drama. (actually, this one applies for, like, EVER.)
  5. Do not have a baby.
  6. Do not get pregnant.
  7. Do not break your leg.
  8. Do not get in an accident.
  9. If you do any of the aforementioned things, you better do it today, before 5:00 pm MST.
  10. If you do any of the aforementioned things according to your own time schedule, well, I want you to know that you will fall from "Best Friend Forever" to "person who doesn't know how to listen" Yeah, that includes you, Miss Rudepants.

Okay, I think that about covers it! I'm out!