July 7, 2008


Alright, as promised, I present to you, the engagement story of cuteness:

Josh and I had been dating for awhile when he came up to Orlando to get me to spend the day with him and his family. We went down to Palm Bay where Josh was living with his cousin and her husband and were talking about what we should do that day. Josh suggested that we go to the beach, so I put my swimsuit on and off we went to the Indiatlantic Beach.

We start playing in the water when Josh suggests that we go for a stroll up and down the coast. But before we can go he decides to grab his car keys from where our towels are so no one can pull any shady tricks! We start our little walk and 10 minutes later, Josh is saying that he wants to go sit back down on our towels and just chill out. So we go BACK to where the towels are.

Then Josh mentions that he'd like to grab his Tahitian Banjo from the car so he can play me some songs. He comes back and starts playing around. Then he announces that he would like to sing me a song but softly, because, you know, there's people around and he doesn't want to embarrass himself.

Josh starts singing this cute little song called HONEY BABY and when he finished, he asked if I heard what he had said. I said I had and he asked what I thought.... then the truth came out.

He had been singing so softly that I couldn't actually hear what he had said! Josh told me he would sing the last verse one more time, and told me that I had to listen. So I did.

"Girl I just told you how I feel for you, Every word I say; yes you know it's true. Before I go there's just one more thing my darling, I'm gonna give you a commitment with this wedding ring."

I told him that I thought it was sweet... Then he zipped open his side pocket and pulled out a box with my ring inside and asked me to marry him!


And now it's your turn you lovey dovey fools... I want to hear how you decided to get married, live together, whatever.

I want the official beginning of the end.