June 25, 2008

Luscious Pills

Dudes, it's not like I died. For heaven's sake, all that is changing is the URL. AND you'll be AUTOMATICALLY DIRECTED to the new digs.

Not that they're all that new yet. See, there's all these fun sparkly things that I just plain old don't know how to use. Apparently, I can have users! and applications! and forums! and well, do I really need those things? Meh.

I mean, how full of myself am I that I need a whole FORUM for you to join. Please everyone, come and tell me how awesome I am and how much you love my hair. Blech. (but you can really tell me you love my hair. My hair is super awesome AND gorgeous. One might even use 'luscious' when describing it... not that I'm fishing for compliments.)

In other news, I had my pre-op. I thought I was just going to go and sign papers and be all, "yes, yes, that sounds great. Nope, no questions here. Thanks so much"

But it went more like this: "Oh, you brought your kids? Well, we have to do a blood draw. And a EKG. Can one of the office girls hold the baby? What's her name? Great, just lay still. Here we go. And sign here. And here. And here. And here's your prescriptions. Yep, all five. Make sure you follow all the directions. Great. See ya' later"

And then I went to the pharmacy. Which pretty much went like this: "This one will make you nauseaus. This one will kill your liver. This one will make an alien jump out of your body and eat your firstborn. And this one will make you spontaneously combust."

I'm scared.