June 7, 2008

Incident Infamous

You know how we all have those stories? The ones that are told and retold every time the family gets together? And every party involved has a different perspective?

Our most infamous tale involves a boy, a girl, a Datsun, and a Taco Bell.

The Boy: My one and only brother. Second child.

The Girl: My oldest sister. First Child.

(Yes, it's relevant, in a completely non relevant fashion.)

They day started like any other. We got up, got dressed, did our chores, the usual. Mom and Dad had to run errands and decided to leave us kids at home. No sweat. We were old enough.

Even though I wasn't the oldest, I was usually left in charge. This is because those older kids liked to duke it out over who was in charge. "I'm the oldest!" "Well, I'm the man!" "It doesn't matter, I'm older than you!" "I'm bigger than you!" and on and on, for undetermined lengths of time.

On this particular day, we thought it would be a great idea to go OUT to lunch, instead of staying home and making boring old sandwiches.

Now, this point has been debated for the better part of 15 years. So I will present the facts instead:

  • FACT - no one had a valid driver's license
  • FACT - The Girl and The Boy both had permits
  • FACT - We had Dotty, the Datsun
  • FACT - No parents were home
  • FACT - We had car keys

After some conjoling, we had The Girl convinced that we needed some taco's and burrito's... and maybe a tostado or two. I think we had worked out that since there would be TWO permitted drivers, that would be equal to ONE license.

Hence, we all loaded up into the Datsun, and drove to Taco Bell. (I only remember 4 of us being in the car? Did Mom and Dad have the other 2 girls? Ooh, sketchy details. Interesting.)

Now the reason The Girl couldn't go by herself is because The Girl has no sense of direction. She likes to get lost.

And The Boy wouldn't drive because he figured, if he wasn't driving, he couldn't get in trouble.

I went because it sounded pretty fun and I didn't want them to mess up my order.

And a little sister went because, well, we probably threw her in the car. She's pretty tiny.

We went through, got our stuff, and headed home. Except that when we got home, the parents were there.

Commence all hell breaking loose.

To this day? The Boy and The Girl refuse to take the fall. And they continue to duke it out at every family function....

For the better part of 15 years...

Now you tell me, what's your "incident"

***BTW, I'm Third. This is pretty much dead on.