June 30, 2008

Hot Flash

Aww, you guys are so sweet. I don't have a fancy camera. I just have a good eye.

The real trick is to go to Piknic. OhMommy pointed it out to me awhile ago and I fell in love. with Piknic, not OhMommy, not that I don't love her something fierce. Just in a different context.... This is getting a little bit awkward now, no?

Moving on.

Do you know that I'm having trouble concentrating right now? I blame Plurk. And the people on it.

In other news, my hormone therapy is kicking my trash. I'm dizzy, and nauseas, and extra rude. But I can't be sick because other people are sick. Other short people. That don't particularly like it when I'm all, "Suck it up, kid...." I swear, the nerve of toddlers.

Also, there *should* be a realtor stopping by my house again. I say *should* because we haven't confirmed the appointment so much as I mentioned a time and NEVER. HEARD. BACK. I think we're off to a stellar start, don't you?

I might also mention that it's like day twelve of a heat advisory. So before everyone complains to me about how nice it must be to live where it's warm all the time, I want you to take a look at this.

Because today it's only 115 out. But if you stand under a tree, it might only be 110. Provided the tree hasn't died on account of dehydration on account of massive amounts of sun rays beating the life out of any and all living things....


Cabin Fever people. It's not pretty.