May 20, 2008

She's Baaa-aaaack

Sorta. I mean, kinda. I mean, I'm home and all but my computer is on vacation. **sobs** Well, it's not on vacation so much as we took it in to Best Buy because the TV tuner thing wasn't working and they had to ship it off to HP and said it could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. **sobs** So all my cute pictures from Disneyworld are in my computer and I swear to you, if the HP people delete anything, I will be livid. Mostly because I don't have copies of any of the pictures and wasn't smart enough to back it up before we took it in. **sobs**

In other news, my baby is ONE today. ONE. YEAR. OLD. I think I might die. Let's pretend there's a beautiful picture of her right here.


Awwww, precious girl. Look at how happy she is!

In other news, I walked about a million miles last week and had lost 6.8 pounds, but then I weighed myself again today and I had either gained it all back **sobs** or my scale is broken too. I'm pretty sure it's the first option. Because it kinda goes with the stupid thyroid territory. **sobs**

My, my, my, what a big crybaby I am today.