May 6, 2008

People who say they sleep like babies usually don't have them...

12:30 in the afternoon. The bewitching hour. The hour in which I can do anything and everything. The hour in which I could also do nothing. The only time of day that is 100% mine, 100% of the time.

And every day, I have the same predicament....

To nap? Or not to nap?

Let's examine the pro's and cons.

Pro - I get a nap

Con - I get a nap

Pro - I feel refreshed

Con - I feel annoyed that my dishes are still not done

Pro - uninterrupted blogging time

Con - uninterrupted blogging time


Con - I read and read and read and forget that there's actually a world going on around me, even after the kids get up

Do you see the dilemma? And don't start thinking how "lucky" I am and "it's so nice that all your kids still nap!"

It's not luck people. It's training. Hard core, rock star, Nazi-nap bootcamp. It's taken me years to hone my naptime/bedtime skills. And even when I have the occasional extra child? I can get that kid to take a nap too. Oh yeah, I'm that good.

So, do you nap? or not?