May 2, 2008

My Last First Kiss: Chapter Three

I climbed back onto the roof. I felt like an idiot. There's nothing better than failing miserably when you're trying to show off.

We played a few more rounds of roof tag before deciding to call it a night.

We all climbed down and started walking towards the trucks. DadGuy was pretty impressed by all us girls. He was making fun of me for falling and he kept saying "I can't believe you jumped! I mean, who jumps off a roof!"

To which I replied, "Yeah? I dare you to jump off a roof."

"No way," DadGuy guffawed.

"I'm serious. I dare you to jump off the roof, into the pool."

"The pool?"

"Yeah, the pool. What, you scared?"


I started to taunt DadGuy. "Chicken! bok-bok-bok!..."

"Shut up."

"Dude, my baby SISTERS would do it."

"Fine, " he scowled.

So we headed back onto campus.

We climbed back onto the roofs and I walked him over near the pool.

"Deep end? Or shallow?" I offered.

DadGuy gave me a deathglare and started to take off his shirt. I was starting to think he might actually go through with it. As the belt and shoes came off, I realized he meant business.

I went into teacher mode and started telling him he needed to get a running start and to aim for this spot, blah blah blah.

Finally, DadGuy was ready. He backed up a few yards and was shaking off the nerves. I, being the fabulous cheerleader/instigator I am, began the count down.

DadGuy took off from his mark and leaped off the building. My sisters screamed. There was a loud *smack* as the back of DadGuy's legs hit the water.

DadGuy's head emerged amidst the foam "Alright... Now it's your turn!"

I smiled. "No way.... and, uh, the cops heard the splash. You better run."

DadGuy's face fell. He swam over to the edge and began to scale the chainlink fence. I laughed and grabbed his stuff, throwing it to my sisters. I instructed them to run back to the truck. They did.

DadGuy got back onto the roof just as the police officer reached the pool. His flashlight shone onto the water. He spoke into his receiver but we were too far away to make out what he said.

DadGuy was getting nervous. I assured him that everything was going to be fine, we were well hidden; and for the love of angelfish, could you Please. Just. Shut. Up?

He did. Eventually, the cops went away and we climbed back down.

My sisters were waiting for us at the trucks with DadGuy's shoes, shirt, and wallet.

We said goodnight to DadGuy and parted ways.