May 12, 2008

In which I find another way to avoid the task at hand

So I should be packing but I sit here blogging and answering emails and just generally avoiding anything that has to do with actual packing. Meanwhile, does anyone else think packing is a funny word? Maybe it's just because I've said it 87 times today. And if anyone can tell me what my favorite number is, I'll give you 12 brownie points. This may or may not be a trick question.


So today is packing day. Because we're leaving for vacation tomorrow! go us! Which means that I have about 1.65876516857431 million things to do before we leave. Thank goodness my lovely sister in law has offered to take 3 kids off my hands for a few hours this morning.


Last night DadGuy started telling me to make sure I remember to pack a few things.....

"Well, you know we need like 6 outfits for everyone."

"And underwear. Don't forget underwear."

"Did you get sunscreen?"

GAH. No, I was planning on letting my pale white children go to sunny Florida naked. Hope we don't get burned. Sheesh.

I think he forgot that he's the one that forgets to pack things.... Which is why I now pack his bag. And has he not realized that I make lists? Seriously folks, he's so used to my master list that he may have forgotten that sometimes (alright, daily) I make new lists.

Now, you'll have to excuse me because I have to call my lovely SIL and tell her to stop and get me a huge Dr. Pepper.

(I know I "stopped drinking" them. Who am I kidding. That only lasted 2 weeks. I guess I'll just die really young. shrug. At least I'm comforted by the fact that we have killer life insurance.... Is that an oxymoron? Why I do believe it is.)