May 8, 2008


I think I'm done with titles. I know, right? I mean, I love a good post title and all but sometimes, I'm at a loss. Like today. What shall I call this, Random? I've already used that once before. Right here. Anyone else have that problem? I mean, I hate to reuse titles when they could just not have one. Then it would be more diary like with just dates and since this IS The Bingham Diaries, it would be more appropriate, no? (do you like how I just linked back to myself? I do.)

Meanwhile, my house is off the market. Stupid economy. I love how I'm getting screwed by people that couldn't make a responsible decision. I would love to just pack up and walk away from my home, foreclosure be damned. Know what's stopping me? My conscience.

In other news, I just got off the phone with the school Tad's supposed to be going to next year. Turns out, that although they changed the cut off dates, he'll still have to be evaluated so they can see if he's really ready. So, now I'm just hoping he'll pass. Because I'm scared that tomorrow (oh yeah, TOMORROW) he'll throw himself on the floor, kicking and screaming. I'm worried that he'll dissolve into hysterics and they'll tell me he can't go to school after all.

Which would turn into a whole 'nother dilemma. Because they changed the requirements. And the program I was planning on now has income requirements. So I'm pretty sure we make about $0.31 too much to qualify. (okay, so it's more than that. But that still doesn't mean I want to pay $300 a MONTH so he can be in school. If that's the case, he can just stay home with me. pbbbhhht to public school.)

So my excitement about only having 3 kids home with me come August 11 has pretty much gone down the drain.

P.S. Crap. If there's not a title, it's a pain in the rear to link. sigh. I'm calling this untitled. But you've been warned. Completely unoriginal blog titles to come.