May 29, 2008

And sometimes there just is no appropriate title but not having a title could possibly be the WORST THING EVER.

So the good thing about not having a computer at my house is that I'm not on the internet all the time. Not that I was on the internet all the time, but, you know, more than I needed to be. Now that I have to travel to use the internet, all I have time for is a quick email check, and I still haven't gotten through my inbox. The best part? I don't even care. Okay, I maybe care a little bit but it's not like I can actually do anything about it. sigh.

In other news, the notorious Best Buy claims they've ordered parts for our computer.... so it will probably only be another three years before they actually fix the problem.

And I know I promised to fill you in on the whole drinks/airplane thing. Let's just say that even though you bought a special insulated diaper bag for the sole purpose of keeping the water in the baby bottle HOT because you have a finicky baby who only eats warm bottles will do you no good when you get to the front of the security line IN WHICH THEY FLAGGED YOUR FAMILY AS A RISK. (yes, everyone of us was frisked. hoorah for the stupidest security system in the world) Anyways, this special diaper bag that you bought for this special occassion that is keeping the water nice and hot for the babe will be poured out before your very eyes and you just might cry because you know in your heart that the ever stringent security meaures just guaranteed that you will have the longest cross country flight of your life. You might even feel compelled to ask "But if it's for medical reasons?" as the security man rolls his eyes at you and you know that he does NOT have a child at home because how in the love of Pete could another parent knowingly inflict that kind of torture on you?

The good news is that the cute little coffee shop just on the other side of the security checkpoint is more than willing to sell you a cup of hot water for THREE DOLLARS AND FORTY SEVEN CENTS. To which I say, that much money for hot water better be the perfect temp to which they say, oh no, we only have HOT hot water. But you can buy a cold water bottle to mix them to suit your needs... That will be another THREE DOLLARS.

Obviously I'm a glutton for punishment.