April 29, 2008

My Last First Kiss: Chapter One

DadGuy and I had been hanging out with each other a few weeks. I liked him. I GOT him. He got me and my humor.... But I didn't know if he liked me back {{gasp}}.

Well, one weekend, I decided that my younger sisters and I should have a sleepover. So I picked them up after work, and took them back to my apartment. We were deciding what to do and finally chose an old standyby. Roof Tag.

Now, Tag is my hands down, all time, most. favoritest. game. And Roof Tag? is even better. It's pretty much exactly what you think it is. It's a game of Tag, on the Roof, at (insert wherever you want).....

Now we're not going to get into how I knew what roofs were better, or how I knew how to climb up them. Let's just leave it at everyone in my high school owes me a big fat thank you for getting them out of the AIMS testing for three days.... You're welcome.

Roof Tag does have a downside though. People generally don't like when you're running on the roof. So, you need to be quiet, and you need to be quick. And it also helps if you can jump a span of eight feet. You know, the usual. (andi'mgettingwayoffbaseherecontinuingwithmystorynow)

Well, we wanted some more people to join us. My roommate didn't want to go, and no one else was available. So I called DadGuy.

"Hey! It's me. Wanna play?" (yes, I asked people if they wanted to play with me. I still do. I! KNOW!)


"Yeah. Do you wanna come play roof tag with me and my sisters?"

"Ugh, roof tag?"

incredulously "Uh, YEAH. Roof tag."

"Sure... I guess."

And so we headed out.....