April 6, 2008

Blogfest.... Good Enough?

A good enough blog party might be held in California, maybe even Utah...

A Good blog party will pretty much always happen in the desert, sometimes referred to as Arizona.

A Good Enough blog party will feature the Blog Brownie.

A Good blog party will have a vast spread of yummy food. AND the blog brownies.

(what's that? You wanted a close up of some of the food? M'kay.)

This is Lemon Bisque.

and this is Pico de Gallo. mmm, yummy.

In fact, a Good blog party will provide instruction on where NOT to store your camera. (RIP, Karen cam.)

A Good blog party will even let you know the secret to the tasty tomatillo dressing that was made by yours truly....

shhhh. don't tell anyone else you guys!

A Good Enough blog party would have friendly bloggers get together and maybe laugh a little, once the whole awkward flashback to the 8th grade dance wore off, of course.

(that's Ms. Pineapple Princess and Lauren)

A Good blog party would have celebrity blogger appearances.

back row:Lorena, Karen, Lindsay, Lauren, Pip, ME
front row: Celia, Paige

And umm, Paige, I didn't want to say anything at the time, but red socks and a purple belt? kinda ugly. thought you knew better. And Celia? you're much shorter than I imagined. Would midget be the accurate description? or do you prefer dwarf? Small person maybe?

Whatever. The point is, our blog party was Good. Suck on that.