March 24, 2008

Two things

First off, Lotus is having a birth story carnival. Yes, I'm participating. I linked my original post, which you can find right here....

Moving on...

Well, I can't for sure promise that I did everything I said I would this week. Mostly because the whole eyeball situation threw me for a loop and I didn't keep a food journal for a few days..... I AM happy to report that my weight is down another 2.5 pounds. woot-woot!

And I got in 3 workouts that I remember, plus, running around hiding Easter eggs PLUS something else. But my brain is fried. The point is, I didn't gain any weight. go me.

I should probably take my measurements, those would be more accurate, donchathink? This week? My plan is to keep on keeping on.

Also, do you think I need more comma's? Cause, you know, I want you to read this like I'm speaking to you and it's so much easier to fantasize about me whispering sweet nothings in your ears if the comma's are in the right places, no?

Also, how big a fan of run-on sentences am I?

And unnecessary, rhetorical questions?

And I've decided to do a list of 100 reasons I want to be thin. Inspired by this.

So, how'd you do this week? (again, with the comma! But this one's not rhetorical....)