March 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

DadGuy Edition

13. Seriously? Look at that picture. DadGuy is an amazing Dad.

12. He pretty much turns everything into a song...

11. He works hard to support my blogging addiction

10. He does the dinner dishes every night (oh yes he does)

9. Once upon a time (or 4), when I was an invalid bedridden pregnant goddess, he took over all household duties and never once complained or whined or anything.

8. He is a genius in the kitchen (even though I generally do the cooking)

7. DadGuy never forgets birthdays or anniversaries, and gets annoyed when I do

6. He's a romantical type fellow

5. Coke drinker, extraordinare.

4. Fashionista. He taught me the importance of having shoes, wallet, and belt match.... or at least to coordinate in an appropriate manner.

3. My friends like him

2. So does my family

1. He's MINE, forever and ever.