March 4, 2008

The Surgeon

Met him, like him, will let him cut my kids eyeball open.

Well, let me back up. First off, I read MapQuest wrong and was on the completely wrong side of town and LOST and completely missed the appointment. So I started crying like a baby because I was LOST and I think that I might be the only person in the world who doesn't have a cell phone and what's with new building codes that says they don't have to install pay phones anymore? Crikey.

So I drove all the way home and was upset and started telling the DadGuy how I was right there and I couldn't find it. DadGuy is more street savvy than I and promptly told me I was South when I should've been North..... and then he loaded EVERYONE in the car and drove really fast.

So we were an hour late.

And they let us have an early lunch appointment.

Because they felt bad that I'm retarded.

And they know that we've been waiting for MONTHS for this appointment.

And they know that Dr. Chen is FANTASTIC and that people from all over the country fly in to see him.

So they pitied the poor MomBabe and DadGuy that had 4 children in tow, who desperately needed to nap.

So we had 2 hours to kill, which we spent at Chic-Fil-A because they had a playland... with a slide.

When we actuallysaw him, he said that depending on how it looks when he gets into the surgery, he might be able to do Daniel's new DCR endoscopically and then he wouldn't have an incision at all. And instead of getting just the eye tube? He's going to drill a hole, THEN put in an eye tube, AND remove any scar tissue or blockage he finds. And he blew up a latex glove and gave it to Daniel. (silly I know, but it earns major doctor points with me.)

Hands Down, my most favoritest part of the visit? Was when Dr. Chen was examining Danny's eye. Dr. Chen was asking me if it pusses, and is it matted shut in the mornings and such, and he pushed on the corner of Daniel's eye..... and pus and goop just started oozing out all over the place. That's when he said, "This is his 3rd eye surgery? Yeah, I'm gonna just drill the hole." Well, he said it in much more professional doctor-ish terms, but that's the gist of it.

Bye-Bye, Goopy Eye.