March 31, 2008

Get Moving Monday!

ummm, well, uhhh.... I didn't lose any weight this week. However, I did manage to gain it all back. What was that?

So, I can't tell you what happened, because I honestly don't know. I got my exercise in, and with the exception of a piece (singular) of birthday cake I had last night, I didn't do bad in the eating department. shrug.

This is why the whole weight loss thing can be so frustrating, you make progress, then you have setbacks. I just want to make progress, no setbacks allowed. (Of course, if I could just do whatever I wanted all the time then I would never really appreciate anything at all. I guess that's the bonus to hard work; the satisfaction in knowing you accomplished something.)

sigh. But it doesn't mean I can't feel SUPER ANNOYED about it.

So, how'd you all do this week? Better than me perchance?