February 3, 2008

Gimme a Minute!

I keep trying to sneak in here and write and then terrible things keep happening. It's as if someone doesn't want me to blog! gasp!

I get signed in, BAM! Blayne takes a hit. Go, take care of that, sit back down WHAM-O! Taf runs into the bathroom with a plunger. Calm everything down, CRASH! Danny falls off the retaining wall.

Then I give up and decide maybe after people are in bed I'll have 10 minutes, nope, DadGuy has to do homework. sigh. I told you school was going to cramp my style.

Now I feel pressure to be entertaining and brilliant in T-minus 2 seconds. And it's Not.Going.Well.

But to update you on the health thing, Taylor is doing better. Blayne has no voice. Boys are fine. As usual.

Now I'm off to get everyone dressed for a Superbowl Party.