February 20, 2008

Buy Me!

Okay, as promised, HERE is my house. It's FOR SALE. You should buy it. If you would love to have a winter home in Arizona? This is the house for you. Just need a house to live in because you're sick of renting? This house is for YOU! Pretty much, Buy Me. Because my family needs to move somewhere else.....

It's hard to see in this picture, but we have the corner lot. It's ginormous as far as lots here go.

This is the kitchen. That oven? Is a convection oven. It loves to make delicious cookies and never ever burns them. That's the beauty of a convection oven. (Oh yeah, the appliances are all yours.)

This is the eat-in kitchen. See the floor? That's travertine, baby. And see that bank of cabinets? Can we say STORAGE!

The breakfast bar area.

And this here is the great room. See the travertine continuing all the way through the house? ooh, how pretty. And yes, I do believe that the room is sunken....

The view from the front door.....

This is the Master Bedroom. Did I mention that we have North/South exposure? So no direct light is coming in the windows there. Very important here in sunny Arizona. And yes, the windows have sunscreens.

The second bedroom. The crib fits perfectly in that nook. No crib needed? Put a computer desk, or a chair and a table. It's by a window, plenty of reading light.

Another angle....

Bedroom #3.

Bedroom #3 again.....

This is the second bathroom.

And the glorious Laundry Room. Those funny pipes? That's a tankless water heater. It's magical... You will NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER. EVER. And that door? It leads to the garage. Which was custom built by yours truly to accomodate my MASSIVE BEAST OF A CAR. The garage door itself is 20 feet wide, as opposed to the standard 16. And yes, it's long enough to fit my ride (a yukon XL) and CLOSE THE DOOR. Find that in a new house.

This is the backyard. Those trees? Hardwood fruit. Apple, Peach, Pear, and Apricot. Yummy! And do you see the RV Gate? Yes, you can fit a bus back here with room to spare. Plus, everything is on an automatic sprinkler system. With a rain delay (not that it rains much, but on the off chance it DOES rain, the sprinklers won't come on. Pretty genius, right?)

So, come on and see me live in person. My going rate is a measly $212,500.

Listed with Elaine Turnage, West USA Realty.