February 25, 2008


Congrats on 200. Is there a counter somewhere or do you count them one by one?
Really? First off, NO I didn't count them myself. Sheesh. On your posting tab, if you click edit posts it'll pull up "All, Drafts, Published" and will tell you how many posts you have. I used the number from my published posts. Yes, I have some drafts. You don't?

What is your favorite post of the 200?
That's a tough one. I think lots of them are pretty good. I'm gonna go with this one. What's your favorite?

Are you really this funny in real life? Or do you just make jokes in your head and not share them with people you actually talk to?
In real life? I'm even better. Because I talk with my hands and make faces. It's quite the spectacle. And I don't say, or even type, half of the things I think of.... Mostly because lots of people don't have the same kind of humor as me. I think I'm being funny, they think I'm being mean. shrug. Oh well.

You seem to watch a lot of TV. What's your favorite show? Your least favorite?
Well, that depends on the genre. Favorite reality shows? Top Chef, My Fair Brady, Project Runway, The Amazing Race, (I love reality shows...) Favorite comedy? It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Favorite Kid Show? Wow!Wow!Wubbzy and Backyardigans. Favorite drama? Prison Break, no wait. Criminal Minds. No. ummm, ummm, Law&Order. no, GAH! This is hard. I plead the fifth.

Shows I don't like, in no particular order: Yo Gabba Gabba. It's like the 80's on crack for kids. I also don't like Max&Ruby. Where are the parents anyways? Ruby is really bossy to Max. nazi-esque, if you will. Americal Idol, bleh. I'm sure there's more but I'd rather not dwell on it.

What is one thing you have most in common with your hub, and with each of your children?
DadGuy and me have share a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor.
Tad is determined and focused to the point that he'll do what he needs to do, and not think about the consequences.
Blayne has an old soul, like me. She's also looks just like me. And she loves music. That girl has got an ear on her.
Daniel is hilarious. He's definitely the "class clown" as was I...
Taylor is still pretty young, but she seems to know what she wants...

I got a lot of questions about moving: Where are going to go? Where is the new adventure waiting? Why? When?
Well, we (and by we I mean DadGuy) hasn't been really happy with his current job. So he applies for different ones all the time. We've had some offers in the past but they haven't been good enough. Anyways. We finally got one that sounds great, in California.

Another question: Was the decision to move a recent one?
Yes and No. We knew we weren't going to stay in this house forever, but once things started popping, they really started POPPING! And like I said, the DadGuy's been looking forever so it kinda got to the point where he was all "I applied here" and I was all "Whatevah"

What DVD would have to accompany you on a deserted island?
Follow my line of thinking here. (Bear with me, it's a doozy) If I'm on a deserted island, how do I have power? Even if I brought a DVD how would I watch it? Is there a magical DVD player? And if there was power and such, then there obviously has to be people so that kinda defeats the whole purpose, no???? Otherwise, my answer is Fight Club.

Favorite breakfast cereal?
Oatmeal. Yum.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Not many. I used to have LOTS and LOTS and then I got pregnant and my feet magically grew a full size so none of my cute shoes fit me anymore. sigh. Currently I have about 4 pairs that fit. Sad, I know.

How'd you get your labels so small and neat like that? Formatting help, please!!
Sheesh. You go to the layout tab, and choose edit HTML, then you scroll down until you see Sidebar Content and it'll have code like this:

.sidebar li {
padding:0 0 .25em 15px;
color: $sidebarcolor;
font: normal normal 100% Georgia Serif;

See right there? Where it says 100%? Change it to 85%. You're welcome.

I may have to dumpster dive one of these days myself. My question is, once you get in, how the heck do you get yourself back out? Take a step stool with you?Rope? Leverage? How does it work?
I have the agility of a cat. Which is surprising considering my current weight. But I like to back up my beast of a car right up to the dumpster and then you only have to reach in and pull out the boxes. When they're at the very bottom? I hop in and then I hop out. Cat-like. And if my kids are with me, then I may or may not put them in the dumpster and direct them to the good boxes. You may borrow my children if you wish. They think it's exciting.

What form of non-birth control were you not using when you accidentally got knocked up all of those times? And don't you want to abstain until menopause now?
Ha-Ha-Ha, very funny. I was on birth control. Only one of my children could've possibly been caused by us on purpose. With #1 I was on oral contraceptives. With #2, I was also on oral contraceptives AND I was breastfeeding. With #3, we had moved up to oral contraceptives, condoms, and the sponge. With #4, I was having lots of problems and was bleeding so often that even though I was taking birth control, it wasn't controlling anything. We thought that I was having lots of miscarriages but it was actually just me in labor forEVER. shrug. No more now. We've been tied off.

Oh, and the menopause remark? As far as that goes, I'm already pre-menopausal. Yeah. you heard it right. I already have the hormones that cause menopause flowing through my veins freely. Chalk that up there with the rest of my medical freakiness.

Are you going to have any more kids in the future?
Nope. Not allowed. See here.

Why don't more places have Playlands? WHY?
Because some restaurants are discriminating against mothers. I think we should sue.

Is that a palm tree in the 1st picture behind your house? And NO snow. you have NO SNOW?
Yes, Here in Arizona, Palm Trees are everywhere. It's abominable. However, I do have 8 Queen Palms in my front yard, so I can't say to much. You know, that would make me a hypocrite. But in my defense, of all the palm trees available, Queen Palms are the best.

And no snow. Once, this morning, when it was 78 degrees outside? I was so cold I turned on my heater and made all my kids put on pants and jackets..... What? We have thin blood.

How long have you been blogging for?
Not quite 6 months. I started towards the end on September of last year. Right after we finally broke down and bought a computer. ;)

What do you really think about blogging?
I think it's amazing. I've met some really great people. And I love that you can join communities and find other people like you. Because let's face it, I don't go anywhere except the park and maybe the grocery store and those clerks aren't always chatty.

Is it for you, or do friends/family read as well?
Definitely me. Some friends read it. Some family read it. I've offended both through it. shrug. I don't say anything on here I wouldn't say in person so, if you choose to be offended, that's your problem. This is an expression of self. Pure and Simple. Lots of reader, no readers, it doesn't really bother me either way, my blog is all about Me. me me Me me ME ME! (self-indulgent much?)

What's the best and worst thing about blogging for you?
The best thing is that I can work out my feelings. And when I type, it's like I'm speaking out loud so it really is very relaxing for me to do. It gives me a chance to gripe, or praise, or be silly, or tired, or sarcastic, I just love it.

The worst is the "obligation" feeling. I try to read the people's blogs that come here, but there's just so many it's overwhelming. I also feel bad about not commenting on everyone's blogs all the time. I mean, I probably read it, but I didn't leave a comment for the simple fact that I didn't have anything to say. If I get too into things, I get burnt out. So I stopped trying to be everywhere, because it's Just. Not. Possible.

So what about that tattoo?
What about it? kidding. I have my make-up tattooed. My eyeliner and eyebrows. But it's been such a long time and I'm so fair that it's fading into oblivion. I should probably go get them done again but I just don't have the time or money now. (you know, having 4 kids to feed and all.)

What's in your purse?
My wallet, my keys, a tampon, and a diaper. That's it. And if I'm going with no kids? I take out the diaper. I travel light.

Who is someone that you know and wish they had a blog so you could spy on them?
Anyone I ever dated. I would love to be able to spy on old boyfriends and such but alas, I've never been about to find a stinkin one. And I've looked (boys/wives/whatever? if you're reading this spying on me, let me know because I want it to go both ways. Thanks.)

Also, what is your favorite color?
Not applicable. I don't have one. Top picks are pink, red, gray, and black. and white. and dark dark brown. and, that steel-gray blue color. and, hmmm. You know what? I love color and I prefer the cool tones. I love yellow and long as it's a cool yellow. Same goes for reds and pinks. I don't like the orangey ones, I like the cool toned ones.

What do you think you do well as a wife and mother?
Some days? Nothing. But I think I laugh at life, I have my priorities straight, and I don't have any expectations for life. That way, I'm always pleasantly surprised. Plus, I can cook up a storm.

What surprises you the most about blogging?
How addicting it can be. Especially when you stumble onto a blog of someone you actually know, and then they have a link to someone else you know. sigh. If I actually for once updated my link-list, it would be atrocious. I'm also surprised by how ?opinionated? some people can be. I'm just saying, if you come across a blog or a post you don't like, then STOP. READING. IT. Seriously, what's with all the hate mail, people?

Which post the most difficult to write and why?
Well, none. I haven't really got too spiritual or deep or anything. I did start to talk about my struggle with post-partum depression once upon a time, but I didn't really finish it because I started crying and couldn't see my computer screen anymore....

Are you ever going to post your menus?
I'm working on it. It's a very involved process. I'm trying to make 'em so you can download them and push "print"

***This completes the question and answer portion of the exam***
All future inquiries may be sent to me via kiss-my-patootie@Ijustdon'tcare.com
I promise to politely ignore you for as long as I deem necessary.
if your question is deeply inspiring or self-incriminating, I reserve the right to post it here
for all the world to laugh at and possibly spit upon.
That's what she said.