January 31, 2008

You've had a birthday

Who's a Hottie?

This is my sister, Mermaid. Okay, not really her real name, but ever since we had to watch "The Little Mermaid" 8 times a day for three years, she gone done and earned herself a nickname.

Mermaid is a whopping 20 years old today. That's right, the teenage days are now officially a thing of the past. Get ready to be tributized. (yes, I just made that up....)

Mermaid's Napoleon Dynamite voice is spot on brilliance.

She has been a victim of Road Rage... (and has learned to never EVER roll down her window again on the freeway....)

She is sweet as sweet can be but also has a tendency toward sass.

She is the only sister that has never colored her hair.... yes, VIRGIN LOCKS people.

She's also has a mane of hair thicker than anything you've ever seen.

Her computer addiction rivals my very own.

Mermaid is all about loyalty and would go down flaming defending someone she loves. On that same note, if she doesn't like you? You know it, and you better watch your step.

She's a fantabulous aunt and would come and hang out at my house so I could get things done.

I say "would" because right now, she (and another one of my sisters) have amazing jobs in Florida being interns for Disneyworld!!! (which also means that if I shell out the cash for flying to Florida, she can get us in to Disneyworld for free! Oh the internal debate this weaves.....)

Mermaid is the fifth child and the fourth daughter in our family.

It's the perfect place for her to be.

We love her dearly and miss seeing your face!

Happy Birthday, Crazy Girl!!!