January 4, 2008

Template: Part 3

Part One Here. Part Two Here.

Part Three. The Outer Wrapper. (AKA the section where your text is)

You have three parts to the wrapper. You have the outer wrapper, the main wrapper, and the sidebar wrapper. (And if you have 3 colmuns like I do, then you also have the newsidebar wrapper.

This is easy. You only have to change one thing. Again, under the Edit Html section, scroll down to the section marked

then there will be a dashed line. under that, you'll see something like this:

width: 750px;
margin:0 auto;
font: $bodyfont;

Your width will vary from mine. THAT'S JUST FINE. I have 3 columns. You have 2. The width isn't going to be exactly the same.



insert this:

background-image:url(); background-repeat:repeat;

Then with your handy dandy photobucket papers, insert another paper that you like. Remember to use the direct link. Solids and muted patterns work best here. Preview and SAVE TEMPLATE.

You may have noticed that under the Template tab, there's an option for change fonts and colors. Blogger has done a fabulous job with this. You can go in there and change the colors of your posts and sidebars and everything and so that it matches your papers. After all, if you have a red text on a red background, nobody will be able to read you blog.

Have fun.