January 16, 2008

Sanity is Overrated

Do you have those days? You know, the ones where you really don't have anything to say and yet you feel compelled to maybe write a little something? I'm SO having one of those days. Except that I've got nothing to say at all. I'm just commenting everywhere and then some. But, I still have 13 minutes before I have to go baste my yams. Yes, yams. Yes, I cook. Quite well, thankyouverymuch.

Maybe I could talk about that... Hmmm. There did seem to be some interest in my fabulous $65 shopping trip. I tell you what, I'm as amazed as you are. But if I reveal to you all my "list" I'm afraid I'll scare you all away. Because then you will begin to see the depth of my OCD, anal-retentive, I'm-the-boss-do-what-I-say! true nature...... And we don't want that.

Who am I kidding. That's all you want isn't it? You just want proof that you're saner than me. You just want to be able to say, Well, at least I'm not as crazy as that girl. And then you'll snigger and point and I'll cry in my bedroom because my virtual friends that I've never in my life seen are making fun of me. And then my husband will tell me that maybe I need real-life friends. And then maybe I'll remind him that it's hard to make friends when I have 2 babies who nap for the better part of the day and then when they're not napping, they're waiting for dinner. And then he'll say I'm being dramatic. And then I'll say, no I'm not, I can't believe you don't love me! And then he'll ask if I maybe took my medication or not and I'll say I can't believe you're blaming this on my beloved Zoloft and then he'll say, look, I'm tired and you're crazy. And then I'll say, No I'm not. Yes you are. No I'm not. Yes you are. No, I'm not. Yes, you are, it's official and everything. And then just when we're about smack the face right off each other? I get my period and blame it on hormones.

Now I forgot what I was going to write about. Screw it. I'm hormonal.