January 19, 2008

Put up your Dukes

Alright. I'm in a feisty mood. Hence, the war begins now:

white bread vs. wheat bread

I do wheat. Mostly because I like it better. I'm pretty sure my kids haven't ever had white bread. Unless I'm making bread pudding. I use white bread for that. Everything else? Wheat.

natural childbirth vs. heavily medicated ones

I've always had epidurals. Of course, I've also always had problems and been hooked up to at least 87 machines... But once, when I went in to be induced, I was in full blown active labor, dilated to a 5 and I didn't know I was having contractions.... So I think maybe if I wasn't so high risk, I could do natural. That being said, as one who's no longer allowed to have babies, I guess we'll never know, will we?

breastfeed vs. bottle feed

Bottle. I HATE nursing. I've had a hard time with postpartum depression, and the entire time my babies were nursing, I was so unbelievably angry the entire feeding? that you cannot even begin to imagine. Therefore, I do the bottle. It makes everyone in my house lots happier. So there. pbhhht.

clean the kitchen vs. clean the bathroom

Have to say I like to do the bathrooms. See, the thing is, you clean the bathroom and it's DONE. That's it, no bells and whistles, it's just clean. The kitchen? The kitchen is clean for exactly 3.7 seconds until someone decided to have a snack and then boom! it's a mess. But the bathrooms, those just seem to stay clean...

concerning scrapbooks 8 1/2 x 11 vs. 12x12

I do 8 1/2 x11.... I know, I KNOW! How ancient of me. But the binders just fit so nicely on my bookcases.... I like the idea of a 12x12. But that transition would be hard. Do I redo my pages? Maybe just slap 'em in a 12x12 and call it a day? I just don't know. So until I figure it out, I'll stick to what I know.

concerning kids & accidents (A) are you okay? are you hurt? vs.(B) Whoops! Jump up!

I'm SO the "jump up!" mom. Unless you're bleeding or a bone is sticking out, then I say, suck it up, brush it off, jump back on the horse, (you get the idea....) That being said, sometimes, I'm like, well, let's wait and see if it stops bleeding.... Yes, I'm the mom that takes her kid in and gets the "Why didn't you bring them in sooner?" Honestly? I thought they were faking. Sick/hurt kids get snuggly time and since sometimes we fake hurt, I thought this was a fake injury. Go ahead, send 12 separate people to question me. Go ahead and call CPS. My story is NOT going to change because I'm not a bad mother. I'm just not the kind that freaks out easily....

Crunchy peanut butter vs. Smooth peanut butter

Smooth all the way. No explanation. I just like it.

Earrings for Babies vs. older girls

Yeah, I pierce my babies ears. I did Blayne's when she was 4 months. Taylor, I just haven't gotten around to. But if someone, say, a grandma (cough, cough) took her to the mall and she came home with earrings, I would be delighted. My husband wanted to wait til the girls were 8 or 12. I told him to explain to me why 8 or 12 was the magic number. He couldn't. So, we have earrings.

Vaccinate vs. Not vaccinate

I'm all about the shots. I know they're doing studies about how harmful they can be. But I don't really care. As far as I'm concerned? Shoot 'em up.

Schedule your baby vs. NOT scheduling your baby

I'm a scheduler. I know that some days just are not going to go as planned, but my kids do much better with a routine then without. We eat at the same time. We nap at the same time... Bedtime is set, no questions, no arguments. I started my babies on a schedule more for my own sanity than theirs. And it's been working great ever since.

Let 'em Cry vs. Not let 'em cry

It kinda depends. I'm almost in the middle. If I know it's a tantrum, I let them cry it out, in their bedrooms, where I know they're safe. However, if they're sick and I feel sorry for them, then I pick 'em up. But I gotta say, it's been different with every kid. Because some of us. (cough, cough, TAD!) were very high maintenance babies and others of us (cough, cough, BLAYNE!) were easy as pie. So, I adjusted their needs accordingly.

Alright, the lines have been drawn. Choose your side wisely, my friends....