January 28, 2008

Monday Updates

Alright. Tad is officially enrolled in Kindergarten. I am not old enough to have school age children, but I'll get into that another day. And I can't BELIEVE he's going to be in kindergarten! And I'm freaking out about how will he know which bus to get on? And how is he going to know where to line up? And what if the other kids are mean? What if he's mean??? I just don't know how I'm going to handle that first week. After that, I'm sure it will be very enjoyable.... after that first week......

In other news, this same boy got kicked out of Sunday School yesterday.

For causing a ruckus.

Because the dead people that live under the floors at church were talking through him.

Yes, the dead people.


My child is possessed. In the most loud and obnoxious way possible. But he got out of class. Score! for the boy..... And yes, I do believe we're keeping score.