January 29, 2008

If you give a mom a virus

If you give a mom a virus,
she might have to have a nap on the couch.

And when she falls asleep,

Her children might overtake the world

When the children overtake the world,
they might get a little hungry so they fix themselves a snack,

eating the snack will remind them that
so they might have to get a drink of water,

getting a drink will remind them how much they water,
So, they might decide to make a lake.

making this lake will remind them of another body of water,
which might remind them that
They're Plumbers.

After everyone has had a turn plumbing,
they might decide it's time to move on to the next activity.
Which might require,

a laudry hamper.
Seeing Blondie with a hamper will remind Mack that he needs one too.
So he might dump out all the clean, no-longer-folded laundry onto the floor.

Which will allow him to play with the basket he found
all by himself,
Playing with the laundry baskets will remind them that they're hungry again.
So they might get another snack.

Getting the snack might make so much noise that the Mom might wake up.

The Mom might then sentence them to 87 hours of TV viewing,

watching documentaries of how she was raised.

The children might find this history interesting.

Or possibly boring and tired.

Which will remind the Mom that she's tired!

So the Mom will lay back down on the couch,

And try to get rid of her virus.