January 24, 2008


Cue the soundtrack.

I've done it. Are you listening? Lean in. A little closer. A little closer. That's it, right there.

i'm anonymous

Well, as anonymous as can be considering the name of my blog. But I've been considering it for awhile, and have decided to just go with it. Hence, I shall heretofor be referenced as

"The MomBabe"

very appropriate considering my URL..... And i would like to request that if you have my name listed on your blogroll (eek! thankssomuch), that you change it to the Bingham Diaries, or The MomBabe. Thank you.

Oh yes, and I've closed comments on posts that may have mentioned our real identities. ooooo-ooooooo. spooky.

And in honor of going anonymous, feel free to leave incriminating anonymous comments that will leave us all wondering, who is that?

P.S. The key players in my diary are The MomBabe, DadGuy, Tank, Blondie, Mack, and SweetPea. Thanks for your cooperation!