January 2, 2008

Let's talk about Meds

So I know everyone has a few standbys that they always use. There's some meds that seem to work great and there's some that:



So I'm just wondering what a few of your standbys are. Because we're eyeball deep in mucous, snot, and phlegm (oh yes, it's even lovelier than you could possibly imagine.) and I figured I'd share some of my favorites....

Thinstrips are GENIUS. You guys have seen them right? So you take this little strip (it's about as big as your thumbnail) and you put it on your tongue and *POOF* it dissolves. However, there's different kinds of thinstrips. Because just like your standard cough syrups, there's some that are great for kids and some that taste like poison.

Triaminic thinstrips are awesome. They come in kid-friendly flavors like berry, cherry, and grape. (And what's more? No aftertaste. Seriously. I've tried them) Then you have Benadryl, who thought that 3 year olds would enjoy the flavor known as vanilla MINT. G-ross. (That doesn't even sound good to me and I'm not being coerced into putting it on my tongue...) I mean, come ON Benadryl? What happened to flavors like, I don't know, Bubblegum?

Then for the fun baby infection known as THRUSH, I'm a big time fan of gentian violet. If you've never tried it, man, are you missing out. It can get really messy but if you are careful, it is guaranteed to get rid of icky yeast infections. For thrush in the mouth, I use a wet washcloth and wipe away as much yeast as I can; then I take a q-tip, dip it in, and swab it on the insides of the cheeks. For thrush that has moved through the digestive track to the bottom, I again, start with wiping off as much yeast as I can, then I get some of the gentian violet on another washcloth and rub it on the bum. *Warning* it is VERY MESSY and very pigmented. And if your baby has delightedly given you thrush from breastfeeding? You can use it as well. Just make sure to use a nursing pad otherwise, your bra will pretty much be ruined.

Another favorite, couldn't possibly live without, is Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets. They are magical. If you've endured teething without these? Well, that was just dumb of you. Put two under the tongue and voila, instant pain relief. And you've GOT to love the disclaimer on the box.

Next is Bag Balm. I love the stuff. I use it instead of Neosporin. I also love it for chapped lips, eczema, dry hands, dry heels, you name it.

Apple Cider Vinegar. It can be used for preventative measures or to lessen pain associated with ear infections. We have horrible ear problems over here, and I usually have a prescription for antibiotic pain drops, but on the rare occasion we're out? Apple Cider Vinegar does the trick.

Anyways, these are my favorites. What's yours?