December 11, 2007

He's Making a List

Take every last page out of every last scrapbook. Check

Distribute pages throughout house, quietly. Check

Bite the baby. Check

Unroll the toilet paper. Check

Find every toy you've ever owned by any means necessary. Check

Place toys directly under Mommy's feet. Check

Laugh hysterically because Mommy got hurt. Check

Unmake all the beds. Check

Take the sheets and make a fort outside... in the rain... Check

Strip. Check

Start the dishwasher. Stop the dishwasher. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Laugh. Stop... Check

Knock over Christmas tree. Check

Redecorate Christmas tree. Check

Redecorate Christmas tree again. Check.

Take every piece of clothing out of the dressers and off the hangers. Check.

Still manage to not find "glubs". Check

Employ Mommy's mad-listening-skills to see if "glubs" are calling. Check

"glubs" found... in refrigerator... Check

broken bottle of salsa found, in refrigerator. Check

Drive Mommy insane. Check.