December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Blayne!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! You are such a joy in our life. You have a sweet disposition and are wise beyond your three years. You are very concerned with others, and try to please everyone. Your best friend in the whole world right now is your pup. You take that little pup everywhere! I love having such a wonderful daughter, you make me smile, and I have to say, you're my very best helper. I love you and am so grateful for the chance to be your mom.

Favorite Shows: Cinderella, Gummi Bears
Favorite Food: mashed potato's, green beans, chicken nuggets
Favortie Song: Boom-di-ah-da (I love the Mountains)
Favorite Color: PINK
Favorite Toy: Puppy
Favorite thing to do: Color and Paint
Favorite Reads: Fairy Tales
Favorite Thing: Balloons
Favorite People: MomBabe, DadGuy, Tad, Danny, Taylor, puppy