December 20, 2007


concerning my new haircut
"You don't look like a princess. You look like a king"

concerning toilet issues
"I have poops. Take care of it"

concerning Christmas
"I'm a big girl, so I get a big present. She's a baby so she gets a tiny present"

concerning greetings

"give me a high five"
"pound it"

concerning farewells
"peace out"

concerning looks
"I'm not cute. I'm just a girl"

concerning stuff
"'Dis is all mine stuff. Don't touch it or I put you in vacation"

concerning middle names
"My name is Elizabeth and your's a genius"

concerning food
"I just need some to dip"

concerning males
"those are all the boys. these are all the girls. they stay over there."

concerning parenting
"no, I'm the boss"