November 29, 2007

Watch Where You're Going!

Well, Jen has reminded me of a super funny story. Because I'm sure we all have had those crazy people in front of us who don't know how to drive. Or behind us. Or next to us.

Back before I was married, and back when I thought I was the coolest person to ever grace this earth, I was feisty. I mean to say, I'm still feisty. But I was so much more so then. So in an effort to combat the rude people, I made some signs. They said things like this:

And this:

"Stupidity is not a handicap"

"If you can read this, you SHOULD BE DRIVING"

"Who's the Moron?"

really, it was quite funny. I'd just pick one and hold it where the other driver could see it... It was awesome.

These days I of course wouldn't do that because now I'm scared to make eye contact with other drivers for fear they will shoot me. And yes, I'm dead serious.

But it was so fun at the time.