November 2, 2007

Tip of the Week

I've decided that since I give such absolutely FABULOUS advice, that I'd share a "tip" with you each week. I know, you're all just dying to know what pearls of wisdom I am going to offer. Truthfully, I have such a brilliant mind that it's going to be hard to pick just one, but since I don't wish to overwhelm you, I have graciously decided to bestow only one pearly truth, per week. . . (do I sound hoity-toity enough?)

So, my Tip of the Week goes out to all you parents that have children that are afraid of monsters. . .

In my home, I have conjured up Monster Spray. Oh yes, and it is MAGICAL! Monster Spray is guaranteed to get rid of any and all monsters and bad guys. This magical elixir can be yours! Do you have your pens ready? Take 4 parts water, to one part Febreze. Yes, that's right, you can't just have regular water; it must be scented so that your child will know you sprayed the monsters. . . better yet, tuck the child in, and spray the monsters away while they watch so as not to spark a debate whether each corner was sufficiently protected.

The illusion works even better when the Monster Spray has a designated bottle. I have a green spray bottle (monster ARE green. . . well, the really scary ones are.) that I have custom made a label for. (By custom made, I mean, I cut out some paper and drew some monsters on it with a line through 'em. . .oh, it also says 100% guaranteed to repel any and all monsters and/or bad guys.) Then I adhered it to the bottle with clear contact paper because the label should be waterproof-ish.

Anyhow, Monster Spray has worked wonders for our bedtime shenanigans. (And on really scary nights, we let our little monster sleep with it.)

How's that bit of truth for ya'?