November 20, 2007

Thumb War

Whew. It's been one exciting day... again. I tell you, we can manage to get into some kind of trouble no matter where we are.

Tad decided to play with DadGuy's razor, and sliced his thumb open. No big deal. I put on a band-aid... not good enough. So then I clean it up again, and put on some gauze pads, then tape it up. Sent him over to Grammy's house, (oh yeah, I was childless this morning. Score!!) And when I picked him up, he was still crying about his thumb.

We get home, and he's too distraught to eat lunch, so we try a bath (because baths are magical and make everything feel better, except for that it didn't work... 99% of the time,though, it works.) Then I notice that he's bleeding through the tape. So, I take it off to have a little looksey.

His thumb is still bleeding... a lot. Thank goodness my mom and my sister could come and stay with the napping children's while me and Tad hurried over to Urgent Care.

They took us right back and checked him all out. Unfortunately, it wasn't pulling enough to need stitches (even though that was my preference. errr.) Instead, they gave him a shot of anesthetic in the thumb, and put some numbing gel on it. This of course, caused Tank to fall into the deepest of slumber. Anyhow. We ended up being super-glued and pressure wrapped. And now Tad is snoozing off the anesthetic.

Beyond that, I got to have the morning off today! Go me!