November 10, 2007


It's been one crazy day here. Let's just say, sick kids are not my forte. And I'm bummed because we're going to miss out on the primary program. Tad was so excited to use the microphone... oh well, I guess we'll be in it next year. Pretty much, I just wanted everyone else to see how cute he is. Even if his line was the most ironic of all... "I can be reverent" LOL. If you've ever walked past the primary room at our building, you've seen him not doing just that. Maybe he'll do better next year. He really hates big groups of people.

Plus, I pretty much had a knock-down, drag-out fight with every single one of my children today. Mostly because they're sick and extra for ornery, and that was okay until lunch time. But when said short people refused nappage, it got ugly.

I, in my meanness, decided to purge Blayne's stuff. Yes, the precious stuff was completely out of hand today. She had dumped out the dirty laundry, taken the basket, then filled it up with her things, PLUS a backpack, PLUS her suitcase, PLUS she was holding a purse in her mouth. No Joke.

So, I decided a purge was in order. She cried for three hours because I took the following:

a straw

a Go-gurt wrapper

a dirty burp cloth

Danny's silky

Tad's silky

Taylor's silky

a comb

a tuft of hair from DadGuy's haircut this morning (no, I'm not kidding)

my shoes

a sock

a rotten apple

some more garbage

plus other icky stuff that she tends to collect.

So, Blayne's not talking to me right now because, as she told me, "Mom, you're so rude to me." Then she burst into little two-year old tears and threw herself on the floor amongst the remaining "stuff" and cried heartily. . . for three hours.

Meanwhile, it's a holiday weekend and since we've been poxed, pretty much nothing fun is happening. Unless I want to be THAT mom, the one that lets her kids play at McDonald's for three hours while she reads a book, (and if anyone asks, they were playing with ants...) hmmmm... Not that I've thought about that at ALL today... Nope, not even a little bit... sigh. It's hard to be responsible.