November 27, 2007

Christmas Fortress

Well, Sue over at Navel Gazing is hosting a contest. And since I am slightly competitive, I'm going to participate. You're supposed to write about your favorite Christmas memories or traditions.

Since I have so many to choose from, I'm probably going to post a few different ones... that being said, the first that comes to mind is our Christmas Tree Fortress.

We had a few people with pretty severe allergies at home, so we could never have a live Christmas tree in the house. Our ingenious solution was the Christmas Tree Fortress.

Starting Dec.26, we would go around and ask all our neighbors for their Christmas trees. We would take the ones left in wait for the garbage man; we would hunt down the trees that had been on display in stores; our mission was to get as many Christmas trees as possible.

Then construction began. We would lay out a maze, with an entrance and exit. Then we'd start stacking. We usually stacked the trees about 5 deep, then we'd lay the rest over the top for a roof. (So as to discourage cheating.)

My dad would spray the trees off so that they'd stay moist and green for as long as possible. The neighbor kids would all come over, and try to figure out which way to turn. It was the higlight of Christmas Break.

Mostly I remember how dark and cool it was within the trees. I could go in there and hide away, and have a few moments to myself. The scent of pine was strong and beautiful.

I'm pretty sure my baby sisters enjoyed it. I can imagine them crawling through the tunnels, giggling.

I'm going to continue this tradition with my own family... well, as soon as my kids are strong enough to drag Christmas trees down the street.