November 30, 2007

it's raining, it's pouring, my babies are snoring!

I love Arizona weather. Today is just beautiful. It's been raining since early morning, and the skies are dark and stormy. I love it.

We've adjusted out activities accordingly. Lots of pajama's. Lots of baths. Lots of movie watching, popcorn eating, and snuggling under the blankets. We are eating smores and drinking hot cocoa with teeny tiny marshmallows, and thoroughly enjoying all things Christmas. The munchkins have redecorated the tree a few times now. It's always fun to move the ornaments. And Tad and Blayne have finally figured out that if they reach high enough, Danny can't grab the ornaments. Taylor, of course, rolls right under the tree and tries to grab the lights... dang those short arms!

And in the spirit of all things dark and cool, my kids are all sleeping. Hooray. If that's not the greatest gift a rainy day brings, I don't know what is.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping it gets really cold and snows soon. I promised the kids that as soon as it snows, we'll go see it. And the drive will be super easy thanks to the car DVD player grandma and grandpa gave us! (Seriously, made last weekend's California trip so much easier!)