November 3, 2007


Well, it's happened. You should all feel very sorry for me. My DVR went back to the cable company today. Because DadGuy was accepted into school. Which means we'll need all our mula for like, basic, necessary, everyday items... not absolutely fabulous things like a DVR box... sigh... woe is me.

I loved the DVR system. I loved being able to record shows, whilst fast-forwarding thru other programs. . . I loved being able to pause and rewind, (mostly because I'm going deaf. Or maybe I just don't listen all that carefully. Or maybe Hollywood hasn't yet figured out that when people whisper on a regular TV show, viewers MAY be in the kitchen getting a drink and can't here what that guy just said. . . stupid production people.)

But my all-time, hands down, no contest, most favoritest thing, was the simple joy that DVR brought to my life. We all know that between the hours of 9am and 7pm, no good TV shows are on. Not a one. Unless you do that whole Days of our Lives thing (which I don't) or the whole Oprah thing (I don't) But for two hours of my day, I would have blissful, uninterrupted, commerical free, grown-up TV time. Oh yes, my friends, I LIVED for nap-time television viewing! It is the most sacred time on my day. I would turn off all the ringers on my phones, then certain short people would lay down, and a certain big person would cozy on up to her corner of the couch and delightedly choose which program to watch. . . It was a beautiful thing.

I also loved that I didn't need to stay up until 11 o'clock to watch a show. Because as we all know, some of my favorite shows don't start until 10... Which means now I'll have to stay up until 11... Which means, no more rewinding... Which means I better not take a bathroom break that is longer than 90 seconds (which, after having 4 kids, doesn't always happen)...

So farewell, my friend. I will miss you dearly. You provided a much needed service to a desperate wife, who just wanted to watch an episode of The Hills while her husband was at work so that he wouldn't make fun of her. A mother, who just wanted to laugh with the subtle yet unbelievably funny cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A sister, who just wanted to see America's Next Top Model without all the commercials and shameless Covergirl plugs, because the good parts of the show only require a solid 9 minutes of viewing.

Sigh. . . goodbye fond friend.