November 13, 2007

Ah Ha!

I found my notebook! I thought it was gone forever, but now it's back!

And of course, it was hiding in the most peculiar place possible. . . the desk. (seriously, I never use the desk. which of course means, I think DadGuy put it in there) I also found another book I thought was lost. And I found some other stuff I thought was gone. . . But I didn't find the calculator, which is what I was looking for. Oh well, I have my notebook!!!!

(For those of you who couldn't tell, I'm very excited to have my notebook back.) It pretty much runs my life. I keep my notes and thoughts and deep dark secrets in there. (Okay, maybe not my secrets but you get the idea.) AND, now I have all my paint samples back, AND all my addresses (P.S. Thanks all who emailed your addresses to me, I was dreading trying to figure out where everyone lived again. Plus, if you want a Christmas Card, you could email your address to me anyways, just so you KNOW FOR SURE that I have it. Plus, then you could get a fun note in the mail. I love getting notes in the mail... bills, not so much)

And now I have the blurbs I wrote for the journaling in my scrapbooks. . . And I have all the notes from when Taylor was in the hospital, and I have my sketches, and all my other stuff!

sigh. It's officially a GREAT DAY here.

Plus, I'm potty training Tad. So far, hasn't been too bad. I'm sure I just jinxed myself and it will be downhill from here, but hey, I have my notebook back! Huzzah! (insert Heavenly Chorus)