October 23, 2007

Windex Beware

Alright, this is going to be quick. . . Mostly on account of Mount Washmore, which the munchkins are scaling as we speak. . .That's one thing I would love to afford. A laundry service. Ooh, plus someone to clean the shower. I hate cleaning the shower.

We have a full shower with glass doors that is a royal PAIN to clean. Here's the scenario: after I scrub and scrub for HOURS, I get a sparkly, beautiful shower stall, complete with crystal clean doors. Then, THEN! someone takes one stinkin' shower, and those glass doors are no longer pristine. (sigh) I really hate that. At least other stuff stays clean. But not those stupid shower doors... (Unless of course, my honey is reading this, in which case, thanks so much! I just LOVE the way you designed our bathroom! *MWUAH* )

(Do you think he's gone? Cause I seriously hate those doors...)

Meanwhile, no poop episodes today. We did have a bite-fest... because in the spirit of Halloween, we decided to be vampires. (How they knew that vampires bite, I know not. I choose to blame it on Noggin. How's that for effective parenting?)

---the culprit...the dastadly Zee!