October 30, 2007


This is Tad
He is 3 years old (or three o'clock, if you ask him)
His favorite color is ever changing, blue, orange, yellow. . .
He likes to eat bologna
He sneaks spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough
He is a Sunbeam
He also is the primary protector (he makes sure no bad guys get the other kids)
He is full of energy, I call him my track star
He likes to take pictures
He loves to draw
He loves to use scissors
He is my big dinner helper
He can clean the bathroom all by hisself
He likes to help mow the lawn
He is a kamikaze on a bike
He likes to sing
He likes to talk even more
He is GREAT with sound effects
His favorite drink is an orange julius
He loves to read
His favorite TV shows are Max & Ruby, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, and Duck Dodgers
He is an awesome big brother
He is an awesome little man
I love you Taddles!