October 30, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, Tad has had a rough day. Like I've mentioned before, he's started biting again... out of nowhere! I've done all I know to do! (Seriously, if you have any suggestions, I'm game.) But after he bit Blayne for the 3rd time today, I put him in time out and you know what he says to me!

"Mom, I don't appreciate 'dis attitude."

If he hadn't just drawn blood, it might've passed for cute.

And on another note, DadGuy's getting ready to go back to school. AAHHH!!! (kidding honey) He needs a couple more classes, then he qualifies to take his CPA exam. Arizona apparently has some of the toughest requirements. (I was informed that if we had just moved to ?Iowa? for two weeks when he had originally graduated, he would have qualified for that exam.) Anyways, he's applied for school, so life's gonna get crazy again.

I know he needs to get his CPA, I just hate the whole school process. Especially now! He'll be taking classes at night, then he'll have homework and projects on weekends, or even just regular ole' work. I'm going to be husbandless again. (sigh) I feel like our lives were starting to settle down some, and now, it's gonna be crazy again.

On the plus side, I guess that means we won't be moving. But on the down side, we won't be moving. (It's a complex situation) Oh well, I guess that's what keeps life interesting!