October 29, 2007


Once upon a time, I thought I'd take a short survey. . . After all, as a mommy to four children (of which none are potty-trained) I figured, anything promising a year supply of diapers would be fabulous. . .That's where I went wrong.

I have just spent all morning, unsubscribing to various "vendors" who have been sending me wonderful email surprises. However, I am not interested in any of the following products and/or services: debt-consolidation, health insurance, car insurance, medical supplies, dating services, cell phone plans, free computers, free phones, free gift cards, free anything (because it's really not...who are they kidding?)

In a 24 hour period, I received over 4,000 (yeah, that's right, not a typo. 4000!!!) emails promising "free" stuff. . .Oh yes, I'm sure you have all been suckered in at least once. After spending a good 15 minutes of my time clicking "NO, NO, NO, NO" I finally was at the screen that said, "Registration almost complete, please answer this last questionnaire to receive your gift" Which, funny thing, it SO wasn't a questionnaire. . .It was, however,an application for a credit card. (And a crappy one at that) Which you couldn't skip over because you have to answer "yes" to at least one sponsor to get your dang gift.

Anyhow, I haven't got any free diapers. . . jerks. . .

P.S. Any voluteers to come potty-train my kids? Anyone? Anyone?