October 11, 2007

Ever had one of those days?

I have recently been introduced into the wonderful world of blogging, hence, as my day goes on, I think to myself, "Oh my goodness, I have to write that down so I remember it later because my friends (that I can't really see but believe are there) might find it interesting" Anyhow, I stayed up very very late on the computer. (It was calling my name, what's a girl to do?) So I was kinda tired. Which made me kinda grumpy. Which made my day very long. . .

Let's start with the laundry, that I forgot about, oh say, 2 days ago at least...laundry that I had managed to forget about after it had been washed and before it had been dried. Stinky-stink. Luckily it was the white load so I just poured a whole lotta bleach in there and turned the dial to hot.

Meanwhile, the munchkins decided to have a picnic. However, we have recently taken a liking to all things bottled. . .water. . .pickles. . .ketchup. . .and on and on. Also, in due part to our mad TV watching skills, we have discovered that "no picnic is complete without our ant friends" (Thank you very much Moose A. Moose. And no, I would not like some potato salad) So, in our wonderful childlike innocence, we hold a picnic. . . on an ant pile. . .with some Chalula Sauce (for those of you who don't know, it's a Tabasco-ish like substance that is strictly for mommies).

That went like this, "Oww, Oww! I dot 'nants on me! Ouch! Tive it a tiss!" translation- oww, oww, I got ants on me. Ouch! Give it a kiss!

Then it went like this "My tongue is fired! tiss it! tiss it! I need a dwink!" translation - my tongue is on fire. kiss it. kiss it. I need a drink

Then since I wouldn't kiss said tongue on the lips, (how do you kiss a tongue on the lips anyhow?) I obviously didn't love someone and I hurt their "feelers"

And then it was 9 am. . .

My daughter is a pack rat. She's only 2, but she has her "stuff", which really is like, 87 individual items that she carries around the house clutched to her bosom. Usually the "stuff" is allowed in bedrooms, (or else I threaten to put said "stuff" on vacation) but today she thought it would be more appropriately placed in the living room. . .and kitchen. . .and cupboards. . . And ladies, I'm not exaggerating the number of items in the slightest. She pushes her "stuff" around in a laundry basket, or her pillowcase, or whatever. But it's definitely at least 87 things.

So, being tired and grumpy, I choose to ignore said "stuff". *Note to all - in some situations, ignorance is bliss* Which was working just fine until, you guessed it, doorbell. And if you remember that I was doing laundry, which equals me not being showered, or dressed, or anything close to it, because I had no clothes until said laundry was done; I decide to ignore the doorbell. However, the doorbell ringers decided to wait. . .and wait. . .and wait. . . Seriously, is it a hostage situation? I obviously made it clear that I didn't want to answer by NOT ANWERING! But then I think, well, gosh-darn-golly! If it's that incessant, it might possibly be an emergency and I guess I'll meander over to the door and take a peek. . .

Welcome, Elders! Please! Please! come into my filthy house. No, it's not a bad time at all. What's that? Oh, I was just in the bathroom. . .Sorry about that. Yes, I do believe that lovely aroma is poop...or maybe it's laundry. . .or maybe it's my dishes. . .heck, It's probably just me. Come in! Come in! No, my husband's not home, darnit, what's that? Oh, there's three of you today so he doesn't have to be! Perfect! Come on in! Just lovely! Oh, yes, yes, This naked child is my oldest (no, no, don't bite him!), this naked child is my daughter (just step over that! Oh, honey, it's alright, he didn't mean to touch your "stuff") Oh, and this guy here, that's eating chalk, he's next in line. What's that? Oh, no, my other baby sleeps through just about anything, Thirsty? Yes, there's four. . . Lemonade?

Not a pretty picture ladies. . .not pretty

And it was hot today. The last few days have been nice and cool and then we had today. "Nature! It's October! I know I live in Arizona and all, but give it a rest will ya?"

So we went swimming. And there was a cute moment in there. Blayne asked me to put some "sumspring" on her because "it's too hot"and she didn't want the sun to give her a "big owie"

And at some point today, Tad said "I very want to play with him" but I can't remember when, or the circumstances surrounding that one. . .but I thought it was cute.

Daniel pretty much only says "ooh, ooh" and points. . .Yes, my one-year old is a caveman.

Taylor was being the nicest baby this side of the Mississippi.

And that's pretty much how the day went. But with lots of screaming and crying. . .don't worry, my kids just ignored me.