October 30, 2007

Danny Mack

This is Danny Mack
He is 1 year old, or almost 18 months
He can make anybody smile
He likes guys
He LOVES his Aunt Mermaid
He is a caveman (He points and grunts, and says ooh-ooh)
He has twinkly eyes
He loves to swing
He likes to go outside
He thinks he big
He is a man's man
He is a climber
He likes to push buttons
He has very squishable cheeks
He prefers baths to showers
He likes to ride in DadGuy's jeep
He will eat pretty much anything
His favorite show is Wow!Wow!Wubbzy!
He likes when I flip him
He is not so fond of Nursery
He loves his silky
I love you Danny!